Plate 1- PlanetPlate 2- Space BurstPlate 3- CosmosPlate 4- Core of the SunPlate 5- EclipsePlate 6- JupiterPlate 7- Cosmic StormPlate 8- CometPlate 9- SupermoonPlate 10- Galaxy

“Look, Analyze and Resolve”

This was the theme of Term 1 at Uni.
It’s only by experimenting, observing and researching that we can achieve our goal.

Long story short, what we have to do is, basically, create 10 plates that represents astronomical phenomenons, using In-Camera stuff, WITHOUT software and plugins.

We can only use real, tangible materials (paint, marbles, milk, fire…) to compose our images, and have access to limited features in Photoshop, such as compositing and Blend modes.

Above are the 10 plates I created. I named them based on the references I used for inspiration.

It was a real challenge that pushed me beyond my limits, but I can’t deny I enjoyed it!